Our Philosophy

Here at The Gardens Early Childcare Education we believe that children learn best through play and education at their own pace, level and ability.

The children are encouraged to make their own choices and decisions in play, where we aim to provide activities that encourage self-help and self care skills.

As educators we present opportunities for children to extend their skills, knowledge and attitudes by providing support, guidance and facilitating them within their play.

We recognise that parents fulfil the important role of primary caregiver and educator to the child. We believe open communication and participation are paramount for holistic development, and so develop warm and meaningful relationships with the children and their families. We value individuality, with flexible routines in a nurturing home and centre environment.

A bit about us...

Over the years, our committed team at The Gardens has successfully strived to provide a caring and educational environment for the many young children in our care. Our staff pride themselves on going the extra mile to meet the needs of both children and parents.

We are a community owned and operated company that is ever-expanding and growing to meet the needs of parents and whanau. We stand behind our team and our centres with pride and 100% confidence that we provide top quality and care and education.

We currently have three centres operating:

153 Hill Road, Manurewa,  

85 Charles Prevost Drive,The Gardens 

310 Mill Road, Alfriston 



The Gardens Childcare centres are licensed for the childcare of infants from birth to children of five years


We Aim...

  • To provide the best possible learning experiences for children.
  • To extend on their own personal, social and educational development.
  • To provide education services that will suit the particular needs of families and their children.
  • To recognize each child's ethnic and cultural background and treat every child with warmth , respect and consideration.
  • To provide safe playing spaces, toys, equipment, both indoors and outdoors that encourages, and challenges children to extend themselves.
  • To give children as much access to nature, and the outdoors as possible.
  • To provide an environment that is both caring and educationally stimulating.
  • To encourage and acknowledge children's individuality
  • To provide a quality early childhood service that acts as an extension to the home, offering a broas range of learning experiences.
  • To ensure the overall development of each individual child is what matters and that children progress at their own pace... they are not pushed to do things they are not ready for.