A quick overview



We aim to keep your child’s individual routines as close to the home environment as possible.

Sleep and Rest

Children will be supervised at all times while sleeping or resting.


The centre will provide nutritious meals for morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack as required. A list of foods will be displayed daily on our notice board. Any allergies are to be informed of and will be catered for as best as possible.


Children are encouraged to wear old clothing to the centre to allow them to explore with paint and water etc freely, without worry of getting dirty. Aprons are provided however these are not child-proof! The centre takes no responsibility for lost or damaged clothing, but does encourage all items to be named. We keep a lost property box for any un-named items.


Nappies are to be provided by parents. The centre supplies wet wipes, however you are welcome to bring your own. All creams and powders are to be supplied by parents and given to staff to store appropriately. Please let our staff know if your child is toilet training so we can support this in the centre.

Arrival and Departures

For the safety of your child, and legal reasons, we require parents and caregivers to sign in and out when dropping off and collecting children.


We have an open door policy where parents and whanau are welcome to stay at the centre with their child at any time. As the settling process is different for every child; parents are free to discuss their child’s day with our staff and call to check on their children.




Parents and Whanau

We hold regular parent evenings at the centres. These evenings are of great value for social and educational purposes, and we are always open to ideas for the evenings. We also have a parent and whanau library available in each centre’s staff room. Parents are welcome to use this convenience or add to this resource.

Smoke Free

Our centre is a smoke free environment, NO smoking is allowed on the premises.


No child, under any circumstances, will be subjected to any form of physical ill treatment or harsh language. We encourage distraction, re-direction, empowerment through communication and children using their words with each other.

Starting School

We aim to have close partnerships with the local schools and encourage parents to pre-enrol their child. Local school information is available in our parent/whanau library at the centres. Above all we aim for the children to be prepared with the basic skills needed to begin school.