Health Policies

Illness - As per childcare regulations, any child suffering from an infectious illness or disease shall be excluded from the centre until they have recovered. This regulation is in place not only to protect other children and staff at the centre, but is also for the sake of the sick child. In some cases a medical certificate may be required to ensure the child is well enough to return to the centre.

Medication - We only administer prescribed medication to children at the centre, including Pamol. No medication will be given without written permission from a parent or guardian. Any medication needed should be given to staff on arrival.

Immunisation - We are legally required to keep an immunisation register of all children in our care. We need to sight any immunisation records on enrolment and for you to let us know if you have chosen not to immunise your child.

Sun Protection - We encourage all children to bring their own sun hats to wear during outside activities, and we also sun block the children at regular intervals. Please let us know if your child has any sun block allergies.

Health Service VisitsĀ - Vision, hearing and dental health visits are offered at the centre on a regular basis. Only with your written permission will your child be checked and you will be informed when these services are visiting.

For a more in-depth look at our Health Policies, please come in and see us. We will happily allow you to read over our centre policies.